So you went out, had a few drinks, and now you’re wondering: “Am I too drunk to drive?” Odds are good that, if you have to ask this question, there’s a good chance you are. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there!
As of 2018, it was estimated that there was a fatal car accident involving alcohol every 50 minutes in the United States. By planning ahead and knowing your resources, you can help to protect yourself and other drivers from the consequences of driving while intoxicated.

Local Cab Companies

When living in a more metro area, it can be easy to find reputable cab companies. It’s not uncommon for cabbies to park outside of airports, or even outside of popular restaurants and bars on weekend evenings. If a cab isn’t readily available, a quick online search can provide you with numbers and reviews of companies to call; and then they can add you to their system, so that your address is on file for the next occurrence! The great thing about cabs is that they can actually be less expensive than a rideshare company, depending on your drop-off location.


Companies like Uber and Lyft are awesome because you can download the app ahead of time and make sure that your address is correct, preventing any mishap later. A couple of taps and you have a ride on the way! With this convenience, it’s no wonder that a study in New York City found up to a 35 percent decrease in car accidents involving alcohol!
Another benefit of rideshare apps: they provide an extra security method for your peace of mind since you can share your ride digitally with someone so that they know where you are in case of an emergency!
There are also many local DD rideshares springing up nationwide, so a quick online search can provide you with those, too! Some of these actually provide a service to drive you and your car home, preventing the concern of not having transportation the following day.

Have a Designated Driver

It’s beating a dead horse, but if you have plans to go out with friends, ensuring there is a sober driver for each of the needed cars can be crucial. It is possible to have fun without drinking, and if you put it on rotation for regular meet-ups, it’s fair to everyone!

Phone a Friend

Didn’t bring a friend, or everyone drank a little more than they should? Pick up the phone and call a friend or a family member. It’s guaranteed that they would rather receive a call and be asked to come pick you up, than get more upsetting news the next day; whether it be the need for bail because of an arrest or because you put yourself and others at risk by getting behind the wheel.

Ask the Bartender or Call Dispatch for Help

This one may feel really uncomfortable and embarrassing, but again, they’d much rather you ask them for help before you look to your keys. Any good bartender will be able to either connect you with a cab or can get you to their manager who can help you with it. And any police dispatch is going to be much happier to field a non-emergency call (non-emergency numbers are always listed online) asking for help finding a ride than getting the call reporting a drunk driver.

Stay Nearby

Don’t want to call for help, but know you won’t be able to drive, either? Make arrangements before going out to stay somewhere nearby. Go to a bar within walking distance of someone’s home, or book a hotel room for the night. If more than one of you is going out, you can also split the cost!

Drink at Home

Perhaps the simplest solution of all: do your drinking in the comfort of your own home. We all know it’s cheaper to buy alcohol by the bottle than to pay at a bar or restaurant because you cut out the service cost, and you can look up just about any cocktail recipe online! This way you don’t have the discomfort of having to make hard choices, and you save a few bucks in the process.
Drinking and driving is never a good idea, and now that you have the knowledge of available resources, you can use them at your own discretion. Idaho may be diverse, but whether you live in a rural community or in a metropolitan area, there are always other options before driving drunk. However, we’re all human. If you find yourself in need of our services, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Teton Bail Bonds! Arrests happen at all hours of the day, and we’re always here to help.