What to Avoid While on BondWhile out on bond, you want to do everything in your power to avoid a bond violation. Each bail bond has specific requirements that you must follow to the letter. If you fail to follow the requirements, the prosecutor has the option to open a new case with worse penalties than before. It is in your best interest to avoid bail bond violation. Here’s how.

Do Not Drink or Do Drugs

One of the surest ways to violate your bond is by consuming alcohol or using an illegal drug. The court typically orders random urinalysis reports to monitor substance usage during the trial period. If the court were to discover any indication of drug or alcohol use, they would void the bond and put you, the defendant, in jail.

Avoid Firearms

It’s common sense to avoid a firearm and ammunition while you’re out on bond. You would be surprised as to the number of defendants who pick up a gun while awaiting their next trial date. It’s in your best interest to avoid firearms at all costs. It can be a felony charge of you possess a firearm while awaiting trial.

Do Not Skip Town

It’s not just on television that the judge orders the defendant to not skip town. It’s a firm requirement of the bond system. You are not allowed to leave the area or you risk your freedom. So don’t jump on a plane for vacation, don’t drive to the next city for a burger, and do not skip your trial date for a dumb reason.

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