It’s hard to know exactly what kind of representation to choose when going through a stressful situation such as being arrested. We’re laying out the important differences between a public defender and a private attorney to help you decide which is the right choice for you and your case.

Public Defenders

Public defenders are attorneys who are appointed to you through the court. This is a great option for you if money is tight. Public defenders are free and are paid through the state government. These attorneys also are well-rehearsed with experience as they have many cases they are assigned to, though the number of cases they are assigned can also be an impediment. It can be hard to get a singular focus on your case because of their limited time. Typically, public defenders are underfunded so they won’t have the same resources for exploration in your case as a private attorney might.

Private Attorneys

Private attorneys are in control of their schedule and have the ability to focus completely and fully on you if that’s what they need to win your case. This also means that they charge for all of their services, so they can get expensive. The good news is that you are in control of what private attorney you pick so they are in constant competition with other private attorneys, so their office must have a positive reputation to stay in business. This ensures that you will have the best experience on your side.

How We Can Help

Looking for an extra opinion on who to hire or what to do based on your case? We can help with your research. We have a private attorney program but do not endorse any singular attorney. With our years of experience in Idaho and Wyoming, we have developed a recognition of attorneys that are successful, professional, and can get the job done for you.

Call us with any questions you may have and we will do our best to assist you in your process.