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It can happen to anyone!

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Jail is a dangerous place, don't waste any more time, call us right now to help get your friend or loved one out of jail fast!

    At Teton Bail Bonds we are known for providing the type of service that repeatedly brings personal references and repeat customers. Our years of experience and specific knowledge of the bail process in Idaho and Wyoming gives us an edge above all other bondsman. Our out of state and Corporate Customers rely on us for dependable and discreet service from a distance. We have the security and confidence to provide the information and funds needed to secure bail. We are familiar with all of the counties we cover in both Idaho and Wyoming.

    We pride ourselves on being the absolute best bail bond agency. Our 24 hour a day bail bond service covers virtually all of Idaho and Wyoming with quick response and the highest level of service. Are you from out of State? We specialize in serving your needs as well. No matter what situation you may be facing our professional staff is experienced and accommodating. We communicate with who ever necessary to secure the release of you loved one or friend. Call us now at and we will begin the bail process immediately. 208-456-4357

The Best in Idaho & Wyoming

    When you need bail in Idaho or Wyoming call Teton Bail Bonds first. We take the time to explain the options available to you and make sure you understand the bail process. Don't let someone you care about spend time in jail when you can help get them out fast and easy. Our bail agents are professionals with the knowledge needed to make sure our clients are released from jail as soon as possible.

    Call us right now at 208-456-4357 if you are in Idaho and 307-413-6809 if you are in Wyoming. Don't waste anymore time, bail is your constitutional right!

Teton Pride

    Teton Bail Bonds prides itself on working thoroughly with all courts, attorneys, sheriff’s departments, parents, friends and family of loved ones who are currently in jail. We understand that in today’s economy as well as the culture of drugs in our community people may make mistakes in judgment. When someone is struggling oftentimes, it is important to get somebody out of jail so he or she can maintain their employment and provide for their family. Tenton bail bonds is here to protect you and your loved ones! Contact us today!

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