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When someone is arrested and booked into jail, they are under arrest but the State of Idaho or Wyoming must first prove their case against the accused before they can punish someone. The trials can take a long time and for someone sitting in jail they often loose their job and are unable to care for their loved ones who depend on them. The State of Idaho and Wyoming can release you until your trial but how do they determine that you would return to court on your own Recognizance? The court asks for a monetary amount of money that is put up until your return, this is called a bail bond.

In Idaho, under Court Rule 13, they have a bail bond schedule for most misdemeanor crimes and Felony crimes require an appearance before a judge before a bail amount is set. In Wyoming, the judge in each county sets the Bail bond amount for every case. In both states the judge may also “OR” or, release someone on their own recognizances. If the bond placed is too high or you cannot afford to use our service, you can ask for a bond reduction hearing from your lawyer or public defender and the judge would have a hearing to determine if the bond should be lowered.

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When you need bail in Idaho or Wyoming call Teton Bail Bonds first. We take the time to explain the options available to you and make sure you understand the bail process. Don’t let someone you care about spend time in jail when you can help get them out fast and easy. Our bail agents are professionals with the knowledge needed to make sure our clients are released from jail as soon as possible.

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Questions you should ask yourself before you post someone’s bail…

1. How long have you known the defendant?
a. Did they just move here?
b. Where are they from?
c. Where is there family of support network?
2. Are they reliable?
a. Do they do what they say they will?
b. Are they a US citizen? Can they be deported?
3. How much is the bond and how much risk are you accepting?
a. Are they on bond somewhere else?
4. If the defendant disappears, will you be able to find them?
5. Would you loan the same amount of money to the defendant and expect them to pay you back?

Only you could make the decision whether not the person you are bonding now is trustworthy enough for you to risk your financial support, vehicles, house or any other collateral you would put up.