5 Common Myths About Bail Bonds Debunked

When it comes to bail bonds, your average citizen isn’t an expert which can lead to confusion and misinformation. We want to debunk five common myths about bail bonds and shed light on the truth behind them. Understanding the reality of bail bonds and the bail process is essential in making informed decisions, especially when timing is key.

Not everything you see in the movies about bail is accurate. Here are the myths we see being perpetuated:

Myth #1: Bail Bonds Are Only For The Guilty

One of the most widespread misconceptions about bail bonds is that they are exclusively for guilty individuals. In reality, bail bonds are a legal mechanism designed to ensure the appearance of a defendant in court, regardless of their guilt or innocence. It provides an opportunity for individuals to secure their release from custody until their trial date.

Myth #2: Bail Bonds Are Unaffordable

A common misconception is that bail bonds are financially unattainable for the average person. Sure, bail amounts can be set to excruciating amounts, but bail bond companies offer services that require only a portion of the total bail amount as a fee. (You can discuss our fees with any of our bondsmen).

Myth #3: You Can’t Get A Bail Bond For A Serious Crime

In reality, bail bonds can be obtained for a wide range of offenses, from misdemeanors to serious felony offenses. The decision to grant bail is not only determined by the severity of the crime, but includes factors such as flight risk and public safety.

Myth #4: Once You Post Bail, You’re Free To Go

Although posting bail does secure temporary release, it does come with conditions and requirements that need to be met. Defendants must comply with requirements, avoid legal trouble, attend necessary court hearings. Failure to meet the requirements can lead to the revocation of bail.

Myth #5: You Can Only Use Cash For Bail Bonds:

Contrary to what most may think, cash is not the only accepted form of payment for bail bonds. At Teton Bail Bonds, we accept cash, credit cards & cashiers checks. Flexible payment options make it easier for defendants and their families to have access to the assistance they need. We’re happy to help talk you through the financial end of things so you have a clear understanding of how the financials work.

Dispelling common misconceptions about bail bonds is crucial in empowering defendants and their families:

It’s important to us at Teton Bail Bonds, that folks are equipped with accurate information during difficult times. When people understand more about the bail process, they have better opportunities to make informed decisions. We want people to understand that bail bonds are available regardless of guilt, can be affordable, and can cover a wide range of offenses. We are here to help.