How Common Are Unlawful Arrests?

Unlawful ArrestsAn unlawful arrest, otherwise known as a false arrest, is confusing, frantic, and downright unfortunate. For many, it’s nothing but a nightmare. We would all like to think that, by following the law, injustice does not affect us. The police, after all, are professionals. They take immense care when going after criminals. However, mistakes get made, and unlawful arrests happen.

What is an Unlawful Arrest?

When police arrest an individual without sufficient evidence, it is an unlawful arrest. There are countless reasons why this may happen. Often, police have information from an informant or other outside influences. This information may be wrong. They have no choice but to act as if their information is correct, though. The alternative is a potential criminal going loose.

How Common Are Unlawful Arrests?

There is no exact data on unlawful arrests, which makes determining the number difficult. No government agency tracks such information. There is, however, the National Registry of Exonerations, which provides a little insight.

Founded in 2012, the Registry has recorded over 2,100 exonerations in the country. From this data, we can assume that most of these are false arrests. That being said, outside data that cannot be verified fully points to tens of thousands of unlawful arrests annually.

Unlawful Arrest Cases

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