What Happens If You’re Arrested While Out on Bond?

If You’re Arrested While Out on BondEvery single day, someone is arrested by local law enforcement. With the majority of these arrests, it’s entirely possible to post bail and ensure a quick jail release before trial. Unfortunately, most people don’t know how the bail process works. They don’t know what happens if you are re-arrested while out on bond. It’s not the end of the world, but definitely not a good situation to be in. Here’s how it all works.

Re-Arrested on Bond

Getting re-arrested while out on bail has serious repercussions and implications on your current case. In addition, you’ll wind up with an entirely new case to deal with. When arrested, any settlement negotiations your lawyer has made with the prosecutor will thrown be out the window. This will cause the prosecutor to completely re-start the settlement negotiations or completely dismiss the plea bargain negotiations. If this happens, the prosecutor will likely pursue charges.

Even worse, the prosecutor may add on additional charges for a ‘crime bail crime’ – in which the defendant, while out on bail for a felony charge, commits yet another felony. This situation could mean an extra two years added to any sentence the judge hands down.

Furthermore, the court may decide to ultimately revoke the bail, taking you into custody and refusing to set a new bail amount. Or it may increase the bail amount altogether. If your bail is revoked, the money you paid to any bail bond company is completely forfeit.

As you can clearly see, being re-arrested while on a bond is never a good thing. There are plenty of consequences and it could very well mean your freedom for the foreseeable future.

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