What Happens When You Get Arrested

What Happens When You Get ArrestedWhether there’s a warrant out for your arrest or you made a mistake, you’re likely wondering what happens next. It’s essential to understand the arrest process in either situation. Here are the basics.

The Actual Arrest

Depending on the nature of the arrest in question, the process may go smoothly, or there could be complications. It is crucial to adhere to any orders the arresting officer gives. The more you cooperate, the better off your situation.

The arresting officer will transport you to the local police station and inform you of your rights and the reason for your arrest. At the station, you’ll be questioned. You do not need to answer any questions without a criminal defense attorney present, however.

Next comes booking.


The booking process is relatively simple. The officer will take your photo and fingerprints, then ask identifying questions. You may answer these questions. Once done, the booking officer will take inventory of any items in your possession and place them in an envelope. Then you’ll be placed in a cell.

Bail Bonds

To secure a quick jail release after being arrested, you’ll need to post bail. Unfortunately, most of us don’t have the funds readily available. In that case, securing a bail bond is the solution.

A bail bond is a guarantee that you will appear in court on the scheduled date. If you miss the date, you forfeit the money.

Most often, you may be the one to post bail, or a family member will act on your behalf. There is, of course, a fee when securing bail bond services. This fee is usually around 10%. The process is straightforward, though, and the bail bond agent will guide you through everything.