Your Responsibilities When Bailing Someone Out

Your Responsibilities When Bailing Someone OutIf your best friend or a loved one is in trouble, they need your help. You may need to bail them out of a tight spot, but that comes with responsibilities you may not know. Once you sign the bail bond contract, you’re money’s on the line.

Court Dates

When you bail a defendant out of jail, you’re now responsible for their actions in some way. If you want to see your money again, you need to ensure the defendant attends their court dates on time, every time.

The court will set specific trial dates. Their time is valuable. Make sure the defendant is there.

Additional Fees

If the defendant does not make their court date, you, as the indemnitor, are responsible for paying any additional fees incurred because of their mishap. This may include the payment required for a recovery agent to bring the defendant back. The bail company has a stake in the defendant, too. They want the defendant to make their appointed court dates, which is why they will hire an agent to bring them home.

Full Bail Amounts

If the defendant disappears before their hearing, you’re on the line for the full amount of the bail. As the indemnitor, you’re held solely responsible for paying off the bail set by the court. This amount could be relatively small—a thousand dollars, for example—or, it could be tens of thousands of dollars. You won’t see that money back if the defendant doesn’t show up.

Before you use your money and time to bail someone out of jail, consider the consequences. For help securing a bail bond, call Teton Bail Bonds at 208-456-4357 today!